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DIYgenomics health 2.0 startup watch list

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Next-gen personal genomic analysis

Annai Systems (genomic research and medicine through high-performance industrial-strength network systems)

DNA Guide, Sebastopol, CA (genome browser)

Enlis, Berkeley CA (whole genome analysis)

Omicia, Emeryville CA (whole genome analysis, GVF file format and 10Gen dataset)

Personalis, Palo Alto CA (automated personal genome interpretation)


Crowdsourced health study operation platforms

Althea Health, San Francisco CA (operation of longitudinal crowdsourced health research studies)

Genomera, San Francisco CA (crowdsourced health collaboration platform)

Traitwise, Dallas TX (crowdsourced survey tools for patient recruiting, adherence, and self-reported outcome research)


Health advisory

AlphaGenics, Gaithersburg MD (wellness genetics coach)

MD Revolution, LaJolla CA (consultancy integrating genomic and mobile health technologies into clinical practice)

WellnessFX, San Francisco CA (consultancy with online tools for managing health--beta)


Unified quantified self-tracking platforms

Crohnology, San Francisco (Crohn's & Colitis information sharing--beta)

TallyZoo, (personal information platform)

Traqs.me, Australia (personal self-tracking project)

Wikilife (collaborative experiment to collect health and lifestyle information)


Medical Devices

AliveCor, Dave Albert, MD - University of Oklahoma (iPhone/Android ECG - FDA 510(k) clearance expected in 2012)

MobiSante, Redmond WA (mobile ultrasound)



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