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DIYgenomics - TA-65 Telomere Length and Telomerase Activation Study

DIYgenomics wiki homepage


Commercial telomere length testing services (Company, cost, testing method, what is tested)

  • Repeat Diagnostics (Vancouver Canada), $400 or $800, Multicolor Flow FISH (Florescense in-situ hybridization), mean telomere length, $400 - basic test, Maryland (autoflorescence WBC type-specific telomere length accurate (i.e., lymphocytes, granulocytes), $800 - detailed  test (Southern naive T cells, memory T-cells test with naive T cells blot, PCR NK cells) memory T cells, NK & Q-FISH cells)
  • SpectraCell (Houston TX), $350, Quantitative real-time analysis, average telomere length, PCR WBCs in 1cc of blood
  • Life Length (Madrid Spain), €500, HT Q-FISH + Shortest telomere length, no Telomapping of peripheral blood WBCs and peripheral blood mononuclear cells (stem cells)
  • Titanovo (Patchogue, NY), $99 


Telomerase activation supplements (from GRG aging email list post)

  • TA Sciences TA-65 Cycloastregenol 5mg 1.5 $600/90 capsules yes, 250 units/capsule (= 5mg) = $200-800/month dose recommendation:  = $2,400- 8,000/year, 1, 2, or 4 capsules/day
  • Sierra Sciences Product B 28 botanicals (see below) 30, $77-99/120 capsules yes, but I have not, (sold by Isagenix) Vit. C 20mg = $77-99/month, Reno, NV, Vit E 15 IU = $1,000-1,200/yr, published Vit B12 20mcg, Proprietary blend 910 mg, dose recommendation: 4 capsules/day
  • Astraglaxo Astragaloside IV Astragaloside IV - 40mg or 50mg, unknown $ no, China Cycloastragenol Cycloastragenol- 5mg, 10mg, 25 mg, or 50 mg, recommended dosages: Astragaloside IV - 50-100mg/day, Cycloastragenol - 2-4 capsules/day
  • Medicinal Nutraceutics Medicinal Maximum Astralagoside IV 40mg ? $72/60 capsules no, Nutraceuticals Telomere Vit D 2,000 IU = $36-72/month, Henderson, NV Support dose recommendation: = $440-900/yr, 1-2 capsules/day
  • Mackenzie Protocol, Advantage Impex Co, HTA98 Cycloastregenol 5mg, 10mg ? 100-140, L/30 capsules, United Kingdom recommended dosage: = 100-280 L/month, 1-2 capsules/day
  • Telomere Biosciences Telomere 5 Telomerase activators, unknown $ no, Chappaqua, NY Length Vit C 540 mg, Complex w/ Vit D3 600 IU, T-Activator 100 Vit E 310 IU, Folate 400 mcg (Ingredients in Telomere BioSciences "Telomere Length Complex": L-Arginine, Fo-Ti Root, L-Citrulline, Rehmanna Root, Ligusticum Berry, Astralagus Root Extract, Grape seed Extract, Vit C - 540 mg, Vit D3 600 IU, Vit E 310 IU, Folate 400 mcg)


Potential study funding sources


Immunology advisors (subject matter experts)

  • Protocol confirmation: Correct protocol (positive structure/function), what is missing, what would be logically measured; effect was most pronounced in CMV+ individuals
  • Contacts
    • Monica Ranes-Goldberg, Immunology Professor, UCSC (8/3, call 8/10)
    • Daniel Kraft, Stanford Stem Cell Research (8/3)
    • Mark Hamalainen, Halcyon Molecular (8/3)
    • Mark M Davis, Dir Stanford Inst for Immunology
    • Chris Hogg, Gilean (8/3, no immediate contacts)
  • Cancer and telomere contacts



IRB (Institutional Review Board) strategy, informed consent, regulatory concerns, ethics, etc.


Oncology contacts


Protocol development

  • Locate templates and/or examples of other study protocols
    • Cancer immunology trials from www.clinicaltrials.gov,
    • Identify relevant categories
      • Purpose
      • Function
      • Rationale
      • Design
      • Participants
      • Intervention
      • Demographics
      • Design
      • Endpoints
    • Complete protocol draft



  • Intervention - TA-65
  • Testing - blood sample collection and shipping, UCLA immunology tests, TelomeHealth critically-short telomere-length testing and storage, 23andMe genotyping
  • Staff time - study planning, administration
  • Publication cost (if open-access journal selected (PLoSOne $1350, JMIR $1900)


Background articles


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