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DIYgenomics citizen science research studies - Aging study

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Contact @DIYgenomics or studies at DIYgenomics.org for more information or to participate.


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Flyer describing the study

Poster with technical details presented at the Cold Spring Harbor Personal Genome meeting September 2010 and the Bay Area Aging Meeting at Stanford December 2010


Participate - start collecting your data


Order your personal genotyping data from 23andMe ($99 through December 25, 2010)
Order a basic blood test panel once a year:

  • DirectLabs - $97 or less ($59 December 2010)
  • Life Extension Foundation (female, male) - $269 (sign up for free membership)




There is an opportunity to apply the dozens of genome-wide association studies which relate to a variety of general and specific conditions of aging in a comprehensive manner for preventive medicine. The usual DIYgenomics model is applied, linking genomic data with corresponding measures of phenotypic or physical biomarkers and testing relevant interventions for phenotype amelioration.


I. Top twenty biological mechanisms of aging in GWAS include: neurodegenerative disease, osteoporosis, IGF-1/Insulin signaling, lipoprotein metabolism, inflammation, immune system function, DNA damage repair, telomere length, transcription (ex: RNA editing), catabolism, mitochondrial health, cell cycle/stem cell health, protein function, blood operations


II. Top twenty phenotypic biomarkers of aging include: blood pressure and hypertension, cholesterol (HDL/LDL/triglycerides; LDL particle size), BMI, Framingham Risk Score, VO2 max, erythrocyte glycoslyation, telomere length, lymphocyte growth capability, granulocyte strength

    • Example: effect of CoQ10 deficiency (paper)




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