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DIYgenomics - open-source software community

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Software licensing: BSD (DIYgenomics GitHub)


Contributors: Andrew Evans, Hong Guo, Laura Klemme, Marat Nepomnyashy, Ted Oliverio, Roland Parnaso, Greg Smith, Melanie Swan, Lawrence S. Wong

Description: Web and mobile apps for interpretation of personal genomic information, specifically, Health Risk, Drug Response, Athletic Performance and others


To do - Mobile Apps

  • Adapt existing Health Risk app code for Drug Response app (Android, iPhone, iPad); (Roland has started the iPhone app)
  • Adapt existing Health Risk app code for Athletic Performance app (Android, iPhone, iPad) (integrate on the Titanium platform? The Health Risk app exists separately on the iPhone and Android platform currently)
  • Add MySNPs functionality (review your own ~400 SNPs excerpted from 23andme data file) to all apps
  • Add advertising to all apps
  • (later in 2010) Adapt all apps to Google Tablet (Health Risk, Drug Response & Athletic Performance)
  • Add fourth, fifth, etc. apps (aging, environmental scan, etc.) to all platforms
  • Transfer private code repos from SVN to open access GitHub repo


To do - Web Apps

  • Merge Drug Response app to GitHub code base
  • Adapt Health Risk DOJO (JSON overlay) to the Drug Response app allowing FILEFox (Firefox extension) private data upload
  • Add Athletic Performance app




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