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DIYgenomics citizen science experiments - how to find your genomic data

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Direct-to-consumer genomic services generally genotype a few hundred to a million SNPs, but only map a few hundred up to the conditions discussed in their browser interfaces. Citizen science genomic projects may involve looking at other SNPs in the raw data.


Find your data

  1. If your raw data file is available, download it from your DIYgenomic service.
  2. The file may be quite large. Open the file in a text editor or Excel.
  3. Search for the SNPs in question. The last two letters are your genotype value, please make a note of them and send them to studies AT



Service Raw data record Data needed for DIY study
deCODEme rs9786018,A/G,Y,22309830,+,AA AA
23andme rs3934834    1    995669    CC CC